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"Misty" is a jazz standard originally
penned as an instrumental back in
1954 by the pianist Erroll Garner.
The lyrics were added later by
Johnny Burke.

So, what made Darryl of the Red Hat
Romeos decide to do this song in
such a unique way...part talking and
part singing?

"It just happened spontaneously,"
he says. "My voice was a little raspy
at the end of a studio session, and it
seemed like a way where I could
make it sound very personal and
heartfelt without having to hit the
high notes. Johnny Mathis I'm not! I
had planned to go back later if my
voice felt stronger and re-do the
melody, but the producer (Harvey
Gerst) and those who were in the
studio would have none of that.
They liked it exactly the way I
originally did it. After other people
listened to the rough cuts, they kept
picking the tune out as one of their
favorites. We decided to leave it,
speaking and all, and it has ended
up being one of the best received
tunes on this 2-CD collection.
Go figure!"
"I love all the songs. I'm sharing
both CDs with all my ladies and
all the chapters around here!"
    —Queen Mother
    Sue Green
    Started the first Texas Red
    Hat Chapter
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Red Hat Romeos and Friends 2-CD Combo
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While the Red Hat Romeos pride ourselves on presenting the best possible entertainment through concerts,
CDs and DVDs for all beautiful scarlet- and purple-clad ladies around the globe, and though the RHRs have
appeared at many of the largest and most prestigious Red Hatter conventions, the group is not licensed,
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