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Many Red Hatters have cited "I Only
Have Eyes for You" as their favorite
from the Red Hat Romeos CD.

Why not? It's one of the most
beautiful songs of all time.

"I Only Have Eyes For You," penned
by Harry Warren and lyricist Al
Dubin, was first composed in 1934
for the film
Dames. The gorgeous
harmonies were introduced by Dick
Powell and Ruby Keeler in an
unforgettable scene from that
motion picture.

This song has since been recorded
many times, but the most
remembered is the 1959 version by
the Flamingos. This arrangement will
undoubtedly remain timeless as part
of the soundtrack for the 1973 film
American Graffiti.

Best of all, it's the perfect
sing-a-long doo-wop song.

Ready now?

"Shu-bop, du-bop..."
"The Red Hat Romeos can serenade
me anytime. They are wonderful!"
    —Queen Mother Debbie Herring
    San Antonio, Texas
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