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"Can't Help Falling in Love," by
George Weiss, Hugo Peretti and
Luigi Creatore, is a pop song based
on "Plaisir d'amour" by Jean Paul
Egide Martini.

It was rewritten for the 1961 film
Blue Hawaii, starring Elvis Presley,
and became a hit for the "King" that
same year. It was often used to
close his live concerts, including
the very last one .

It was a hit that same year. By July
1969, Elvis used the song almost
invariably to close his live concerts,
including his last in late June 1977
at the old Indianapolis Market
Square Arena.

It has been recorded and performed
since then by a multitude that
ranges from Perry Como to Bob
Dylan, Shirley Bassey, Bruce
Springsteen, UB40 and even
American Idol finalists Clay Aiken
and Katharine McPhee.

Now, the Red Hat Romeos
bring trademark harmonies to the
tune that is quickly becoming a
Red Hatter show and CD favorite.

"Some things were meant to be...."

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"You've put together some of my
favorite songs, and with the Red Hat
tunes, it's just perfect. It's like the
days when I was younger and my
favorite group just released a new
record. All the girls have a favorite
song. Mine is `Can't Help Falling in
    —Rosie Rodriquez
    Los Angeles, California
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