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Selected as the
number one
League draft
pick in 1970,
Terry Bradshaw
went on to a
career with the Pittsburgh Steelers,
winning an astounding and
unprecedented four Super Bowl
titles as quarterback (1974, 1975,
1978, 1979), then was inducted into
the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1989
in his first year of eligibility.

Today Terry hosts the highly-rated
FOX NFL Sunday and remains very
popular with his fans, whether he is
making movies (
Smoky and the
, Cannonball Run, Failure to
), guesting on television
shows (
The Jeff Foxworthy Show,
Tonight with Jay Leno and Everybody
Loves Raymond
) or singing, as on
this fun duet, "Snap Your Finger,"
with his beautiful and talented
daughter Rachel.

In 2001 Terry received his own star
on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the
first and only NFL player to receive
this monumental showbiz honor.
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"Oh-la-la...if Terry Bradshaw
snaps his fingers, I'm running in
his direction! He won't have to
snap `em twice."
   —Penny S.
   Monroe, Louisiana