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Tommy Allsup was Buddy Holly's lead
guitarist on the fateful 1959 Winter
Dance Party tour. Since then the
Grammy-winning producer, arranger,
songwriter and session picker has
worked with a who's who of
legendary artists, including the
Everly Brothers, Kenny Rogers, Jan
& Dean, Vickie Carr, Waylon
Jennings, George Jones, Asleep at
the Wheel and the Texas Playboys.

Tommy is not only featured on this
Buddy Holly Tribute with the
unforgettably beautiful instrumental,
"True Love Ways" (along with
original Crickets member Jerry
Allison on drums), but he also
produced four additional tunes
featured on this
Red Hat Romeos
CD, including Larry Gatlin's "Sugar
Moon," Terry and Rachel Bradshaw's
"Snap Your Finger," Glen Campbell's
"I Want to Be Wanted," and B.J.
Thomas' "Keeper of My Heart."
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"I was there for one of the shows
when Tommy Allsup played in
Buddy Holly's band. He was great
then, and super great now!"
    —Judy F.
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
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