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Red Hat Romeos
2-CD keepsake collection.
"The great variety of music on the Red Hat Romeos
CD is a mixture of awesome listening and `get up
and dance' tunes.  The CD is a `must have' by
every Red Hat Lady!"
    —Founding Queen Mother Margaret Webb
    Lubbock, Texas
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appeared at many of the largest and most prestigious Red Hatter conventions, the group is not licensed,
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"The new RED HAT ROMEOS CD is absolutely
AWESOME!  I love `Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me.'
I love the whole album and can't enough of that music!
            —Barbara Enright
    Legendary Poker player;
    First woman to win an open event at the
    World Series of Poker; First Woman
    Inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame
"I love all the songs. I'm sharing it with all my
ladies and all the chapters around here!"
—Queen Mother Sue Green
Started the first Texas Red Hat Chapter;
Heads the Nederland Area Queen's Council
"I love the tunes. I can't believe you did all this for the
Red Hatters! It's just wonderful. Everybody enjoys the
fact that you recorded music with such beautiful
melodies...and so romantic!"
      —Catherine D`Arcy
      Boston, Massachusetts
"The Red Hat Romeos’ CD will be on every woman’s
shopping list!  The CD is always playing whether I’m
driving or at home entertaining!  It brings me back to
a time when I was young and carefree (now I’m just
`mature, wild and crazy!'). It’ll make you want
to dance or find a fella with a ’57 Chevy and
go cruisin’!  Thank you for bringing back such
glorious music for our Red Hat Ladies.  You rock!
    Founding Queen Mum Janie Rausch
    Decadent Dames
    Arizona’s First Red Hat Chapter
Red Hat Romeos and Friends 2-CD Combo
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appreciation to
  1. WE'RE RED HAT ROMEOS Featuring Mitch Snow
  2. LADY WITH THE RED HAT ON                       
    Special Guest Jimmy Clanton
  3. CAN'T HELP MYSELF Featuring Angel Webb
  4. LIL RED RIDING HOOD Featuring Darryl Hicks
  5. SUGAR MOON Special Guest Larry Gatlin
  6. PUSHOVER Featuring Mitch Snow
    Featuring Tommy Allsup
  8. SNAP YOUR FINGERS Special Guests            
    Terry Bradshaw and Rachel Bradshaw
  9. CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE                 
    Featuring Darryl Hicks
  10. I WANT TO BE WANTED Special Guest            
    Glen Campbell
  11. I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU                  
    Featuring Darryl Hicks
  12. SAN ANTONIO ROSE  Special Guest Joe Diffie
  13. KEEPER OF MY HEART                                  
    Special Guest B. J. Thomas
  14. HOLD ME, THRILL ME, KISS ME               
    Featuring Darryl Hicks
  15. RED HAT WOMAN Featuring Mitch Snow
  1. THE HAT AND HEART SONG                     
    Featuring Mitch Snow
  2. SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT                     
    Featuring Darryl Hicks
  3. HEART TO HEART TALK                                 
    Special Guest Tanya Tucker
  4. MY GIRL Featuring Angel Webb
  5. TEXAS HIGHWAY Featuring Mitch Snow
  6. TEN YEARS Special Guest Dierks Bentley
  7. SWEET DIXIE HOME Featuring Mitch Snow     
    and Darryl Hicks
  8. IT'S SO EASY Featuring Tommy Allsup
  9. FADED LOVE Special Guests Johnny Rodriquez
    and Lynn Anderson
  10. MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE Featuring Mitch Snow
  11. STAY ALL NIGHT Special Guest Charlie Daniels
    Featuring Darryl Hicks
  13. RIGHT OR WRONG Special Guests George
    Jones and Tanya Tucker
  14. MISTY Featuring Darryl Hicks
  15. RED HAT WOMAN Special Guest Jimmy Clanton
"The Red Hat Romeos can serenade me anytime.
They are wonderful!"
         —Queen Mother Debbie Herring
        San Antonio, Texas
"This CD is the best! Every Red Hatter in the world
is going to want one. When can we book you?"
        —Queen Mother Pat Arellano
        Amarillo, Texas
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"What could be better? You've put together
some of my favorite songs, and with the Red Hat
tunes, it's just perfect. I've listened to the entire
CD over and over! It's like the days when I was
younger and my favorite group just released a
new record. All the girls have a favorite song.
Mine is `Can't Help Falling in Love.' This is
    —Rosie Rodriquez
    Los Angeles, California