"I have tried quite a few different kinds of male
enhancements since I reached 50. I never really noticed a
lot of difference, except with the ones prescribed by a
physician, and I didn't like how they made me feel. Then I
heard about
Bomba through a family member who had
used it and liked the results. I can tell you that the very first
time I bought a sample pack and used it, I couldn't believe
the difference in the way I responded and how long it
seemed to last. The next time I used it was on a Friday
night, and I noticed that after making love that evening, I
woke up ready to go again Saturday morning. I wish I could
take all the credit, but I've got to give
Bomba the props."
                                                                Dallas, TX

"I love
Bomba. My husband brought home a Couples Pack
a few weeks ago from the vitamin store. I noticed the
results immediately in him. Wow! It wasn't as dramatic for
me the first time, but I quickly bought a few more Couples
Pack online, and the second and third time began to feel
more romantic and satisfied. I'm a believer, not just
because of the results in my husband, but also because of
how I feel!"
                                                                Denver, CO

"There were times after I reached 45 that I noticed
occasionally that my drive and desire didn't seem as much
as before. In some ways, that was good because it forced
me to reassess my health and lifestyle. Over the past 10
years or so since then, I've been eating better and working
out a lot more. Still, there are times when I still felt like my
love-life was substandard. I thought about trying some of
the prescription meds, but I kept hearing how they made
you feel so jittery both during sex and afterward. And that
warning about "if you have an erection lasting more than
four hours, seek medical help" gave me the willies. Then I
was talking with a friend who was boasting about this
natural supplement he had started taking and the incredible
sex he was having with this young chick he was dating. I just
wrote it off as bragging, but I did write down the
supplement's name,
Bomba, and went online that night to
check it out. I ordered a trial pack on the spot. That was a
great decision. The very first time was markedly different
from anything I had experienced before. I ordered the full 12
pack next, using it anytime I thought I might have sex. Since
then I take
Bomba every two or three days and it stays
working in my system all the time. Your product rocks!"
                                                           New York City, NY

"I'm a gym rat and runner. I've been that way since my high
school days. I'm always trying new supplements and
vitamins to see if it improves my workouts and
performance. I was going through the male supplements
aisle at my local health store one day a few months ago
and happened to see
Bomba on the shelf. An young
employee was stocking shelves nearby, so I asked about
the product and what people were saying about it. He
pointed to the shelves where there were just a few
packs left and then to the big box of
Bomba products he
was opening. He said, "I don't know much about it, but all I
know is that both men and women have been trying it, then
coming back to buy more. We can barely keep it on the
shelves." I was still somewhat skeptical, but I bought a trial
pack, figuring I had nothing much to lose but a few bucks. I
really didn't know what to expect, but I can tell you that I was
stunned! Literally. It has revolutionized my libido and upped
my performance considerably. My wife of more than 30
years jokes about me turning into her Italian stallion. I'm
                                                        Philadelphia, PA

"This is going to sound corny, but
Bomba is the BOMB! I'm
a research scientist in my sixties, so I've been around long
enough to be very skeptical about products such as sexual
enhancements. Imagine my surprise that this one really
works as promised. I can't give you tons of research data,
since I've only tested it on myself, but I can tell you that I get
a much harder erection, the desire has skyrocketed, and
I've even noticed that my ejaculations seem more
pronounced and satisfying than in years. I do have one
more bit of research proof that still astounds me. I'm
married to a much younger wife. During her most fertile
times of the month, we use condoms. I began noticing that
the condoms I usually bought were tighter than before, to
the point of being uncomfortable. And I noticed that the
semen collected in the condom was substantially greater in
volume. I have since started buying the extra-large brand,
which fit much better. That will make even a nerdy scientist
feel like a macho man while going through the check-out
aisle at the pharmacy store.  Mark me down as a very
Bomba customer.
                                                      Boston, MA
"I first discovered Bomba a couple of years ago in a health
food store. After the very first time I tried it, I was sold! I
liked that it was made from natural ingredients. I took it
anytime I planned to have sexual activity, and I haven't been
disappointed. Then I heard about
Bomba 365. Since I was
already a die-hard believer in the original product, I figured I
had nothing to lose by taking it every day as an ongoing
supplement, right? That was over six months ago, and I've
been extremely pleased. It really does help with quicker
recharge, added size and extended performance—as
advertised. My wife of over 40 years is definitely a believer,
because she's seen and felt the difference."
                                                         Scranton, PA

"I'm 70 years old. I was a loyal
Bomba customer, then I
read about
Bomba 365, and how it was designed to work
with what the company calls "a cumulative effect." Whatever
the heck that means, I'm all for it. With both products, I didn't
tell my 69 year old wife that I was taking them. With
Bomba, she noticed an immediate result with my erections
and increased desire. Then, after I had been taking
Bomba 365 every day for a week or so, she began asking
me what I was doing different. Not only did I not have to
worry about staying erect during foreplace (which allowed
me to focus more on her pleasure...something she
definitely noticed), but when I went inside her, she kept
remarking how much bigger I was. Man, I felt like
Superman! Finally she asked me what I was doing...
exercises or whatever...to make such a difference. I fessed
up about both
Bomba and Bomba 365. She told me to
make sure I ordered enough to make sure I never ran out of
the product, so I think you could say you've just got a ringing
endorsement from a very satisfied 69-year-old woman!"
                                                         Nome, AK

"I don't know if this is recommended or not, but I wanted to
let you know what works for me. I take
Bomba 365
regularly every day because I enjoy the ongoing results and
I feel like it is a good overall sex enhancement
supplement—much better than anything else I've ever used.
But on the days I'm pretty sure I'm going to have sexual
activity, I take the original
Bomba instead, usually several
hours before we get down to business. I like how the
original seems to give more fireworks. With this
combination of
Bomba 365 on most days and Bomba on
the romance days, I feel like I get the best of both the
enhanced size AND the fireworks. Best of all, I like what
this combination has done for my marriage. There was a
time that neither of us cared all that much about romance,
but I can honestly say that our lovemaking is better today
than it was when we were in our thirties or forties. I guess I
should mention that my wife and I are both 75."
                                                         San Diego, CA

"I'm 68 years old. I've used a number of male enhancement
products through the past 10 years. Some worked okay.
Others didn't. Mainly I didn't like some of the ingredients or
side-effects. But after reading about your product online
and getting a recommendation from a long-time friend, I've
been taking
Bomba 365 regularly for several months, and I
am astounded at how bigger and better I am than ever
before! The best part is the quick recharge. Sometime I
feel like I'm 25 again. I averaged one or two ejaculations a
week before I discovered
Bomba 365. I'm not saying it's
like this all the time, but by contrast, my wife and I just did it
three times this past weekend, twice vaginally and she did
me orally one time. I wish I could recommend this product to
every man my age, but then it would only seem like
bragging if I did it in-person. By sending this email and
leaving off my last name, at least you can tell lots of men out
there what I would like to say, but without making it seem
like I'm beating my own chest. I would suggest for any man
to try it, the sooner the better!"
                                                         Key Biscayne, FL

"I'm 82 years old. Widowed. Still work out every day with
weights and ride my bicycle five miles three times a week.
In other words, I'm still alive and kicking and excited about
life. I'm still a romantic and would like to be married again
someday, but it will have to be with a woman who is as
excited about staying in shape as I am. In the meantime, I
feel very sexual at times. I don't believe in sex without
marriage, but I still need a release from time to time, even
at my age. In the past, when I pleasured myself, I was
sometimes disappointed at not being able to stay stiff as
long as I wanted. So I tried a few male enhancement
products. Then I tried
Bomba. I couldn't believe the
difference! Not only could I stay hard as long as I wanted,
but I was able to experience such intense climaxes unlike
anything I've experienced in years. Now I've also
Bomba 365, which I take regularly because I
like how big it makes me look and feel down below. There
really is a difference, even for an old coot like me. I still like
Bomba originals on the days I plan to jerk off because
of the intensity. I guess this is pretty raw, but I had to let you
know in case it helps other older folk rediscover the
fountain of youth!
                                                        Corpus Christi, TX
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