Sometime in your lifetime, I hope you will read this book.

Leave It To Miss Annie by Georgia Tucker Smith

This is an incredible book that you can read in the first chapter:

Page 15 Doctor William Vernon Tucker, his wife Annie, and their four children arrive by
train to Hooker. William borrows his brother John Tucker’s two-seat carriage with fringe on
top pulled by two horses (1905). All six head west in the carriage toward their homestead.

Page 19 The six stop by the Postle Store where they would get their mail. The Ullom farm is
now at the site of the old Postle Store.

Page 19 They continue past George Robert Tucker’s house, later owned by his nephew,
Colby Cowherd.

Page 19 They continue past John Otho Tucker’s House. They wave at John Tucker’s six
kids. One of John’s sons was Chester Tucker. They arrive at the southeast corner of John’
s land to their homestead and new house (about one mile northeast of present day Fowler

Dr. William Tucker would have a major role in building the Richland Center School two
miles south in 1908.

Dr. William Tucker and family would live there for 8 years (1905 to 1913). As soon as the
railroad was built into Elkhart and lots were for sale, William bought 2 lots and moved his
house into Elkhart (1913). Dr. Tucker was one of the first to have a house in the new town
of Elkhart, Kansas.

Dr. Tucker would have a major role in starting and building the First Baptist Church (1913)
and the Hospital (1920).

Schuyler Tucker was from Greensburg, Kentucky. Schuyler organized and brought out two
groups of 125 people and 37 families to settle and homestead in 1905 and 1906 in Texas
County, Oklahoma.

Capt. Elijah Fisher Tucker and Georgia Ann Wheat Tucker’s four sons and one daughter
settled in Township 5.
Four of the five homesteaded on a quarter of land about one mile northeast of present day
Fowler house and 5 miles south and 8 miles east of what would later be the town of Elkhart.
John Otho Tucker homesteaded on a quarter to the northwest. John’s son was Chester
who wrote the book: The Old Timers As I Remember them.
George Robert Tucker homesteaded on the quarter on the east side of John’s quarter.
George had a sister, Mabel Tucker Cowherd, who had a son, Colby Cowherd who later
owned the quarter.
Dr. William Vernon Tucker homesteaded on the quarter on the south side of George’s
Nona Tucker Blakeman and Charles Blakeman homesteaded on the quarter on the south
side of John’s quarter.
Schuyler Thomas Tucker homesteaded 2 miles southwest where Allen, Warren, and
Tommy Tucker later lived.
Schuyler Thomas Tucker and wife Lillie Adron Ada Perkins Tucker had three sons and four
Son, Earl W
Son, Edd, the father of Lloyd
Son, Allen, the father of Warren and Tommy
Daughter, Bessie Livergood who taught school at Hooker
Daughter, Grace Smith, who taught at Yarbrough
And twin daughters Ruby Lepper and Ruth Cox, both were nurses, b 1912
Allen, Bessie, and Ruth retired and bought homes on Grand Lake near Grove, Oklahoma
where all seven attended a family reunion in 1967.

Who was the most famous person who ever lived in Township 5?

He helped start and build the Richland Center school in 1908
He was a charter member and director of the first Richland Center school board
He moved to Elkhart in 1913 and was the first doctor in Elkhart
He was one of the charter deacons and one of 17 members that helped start and build The
First Baptist Church in Elkhart in 1913.
He built Elkhart’s first hospital next to the First Baptist Church in 1920.
He helped build a larger Church building in 1925.
He was elected to The Kansas State House of Representatives for several years
He is in the Hall of Fame in Wichita, Kansas

Dr. William Vernon Tucker and Annie had four children: Ruth, Lois, Lawson, and Georgia.
Georgia is the Georgia Tucker Smith who wrote several books including:

Leave it to Miss Annie. A true story about the pioneer life of her mother, Annie.
   Crybaby Kangaroo
   Billy Bunnyscoot The Lost Bunny
   Barkey and His Friends

                                   Picture taken about 1905

The Tucker Family played a major role, had a huge impact on all of our lives, and helped
start and build:

Richland Center School in 1908 (Schuyler, William, Edd, and Allen were on the school
board)(William-Charter Member of the school board and helped start and build the school)

First Baptist Church, Elkhart in 1913 (William Tucker, Annie Tucker, Lois Tucker, Georgia
Tucker Smith, and John Tucker were five of the seventeen Charter Members) (William
helped start and build the church and was a charter member and deacon) (Allen was a

Tucker Hospital, Elkhart in 1920 (William Tucker built the Hospital and was the first doctor
in Elkhart)

Yarbrough school in 1950 (Allen was on the first school board)
Allen and Edd helped start and build Yarbrough School

Guymon, Oklahoma honored the Tucker family by selecting Ada Tucker (Allen and Edd’s
mother) as the GUYMON PIONEER DAY QUEEN in 1967.

What the Tuckers did over the last 105 years shaped and molded our lives forever.
For that, I am extremely grateful and that is why I vote the

TUCKER FAMILY as my FAMILY OF THE CENTURY (1907 to 2007) and
TOM TUCKER(1979 West Point Graduate, owns Graco, and makes Purple Heart Medals)

QUESTION: Who owns the company that makes the Purple Heart Medal and many other
medals for the United States Military?

ANSWER: He went to grade school at Yarbrough.
He is a Lawton MacArthur Graduate, 1975.
He is a United States Military Academy at West Point (Army) Graduate, 1979.
He played on the West Point (Army) football team.
Dwight D. Eisenhower also played on the Army football Team, was a West Point (Army)
Graduate, and was the 34th President of the United States.   

Just below the picture and after the words: Graco/Purple Heart,
Click on:      “WATCH VIDEO”
It should auto-play after a short commercial.
Tom Tucker has a blue shirt with tie.


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