Q:  What is the purpose of
A:  The purpose is clearly stated in our index page banner...Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow! In the past, we have
also used the motto
...older, wiser, healthier, better!!! Both point to our core belief that life isn't over at 50, 60, 70,
80 or... No matter what happens, we believe that we are getting better, not just older!

Q:  How did happen?
A:  For starters, it didn't just happen. It came about after the people involved in MBY surfed the web for several
years, wondering why no one offered a
USA Today (to use a newspaper analogy) or magazine-type show
(television) approach to a senior site. The next step came when the same people started asking, "What if...?"

Q:  Who are the people in your target audience?
A:   Over-50, and our goal is to be absolutely vital for every men and women in the world in this age range. And we
want them to visit 50 times a day! (Okay, that might be a tad over-zealous, but you get the point!).

  • We are driven to provide information, insight and inspiration for people who desire to be excited about life, no
    matter how many birthday candles they blow out each year or what challenges come their way.
  • We are striving to encourage men and women to be balanced and improving more and more every day in
    every area—physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, romantically, technically and intellectually.
  • And we want every Seasoned Senior™ to have an over-abundance of happiness, laughter and joy!

Now, is that ambitious, or what?

Q:  How can we get to know more about the eColumnists?
A:  We will feature stories about them from time to time, at least the ones who don't mind stepping into the
eSpotlight. Some, especially those who travel a lot, won't stand still long enough to be featured on anything except
a milk carton. Others are more like Sterling Graham, who says he's already had all attention he wants when he was
younger, and now he just wants to grow old with his beautiful wife (who has already told him that he'd better not
mention her name on "that danged ole website" or else he'll be sleeping in the bunkhouse!), his dog Prometheus,
and his coffee-drinking buddies, Tom and Rafe. We figure it would be easier to ride one of those mechanical bulls
at Gilley's in Fort Worth than it would be to get Sterling (Tom and Rafe, too!) in front of a camera. Prometheus, on
the other hand will appear from time to time on other places throughout MyBestYears.

Q: Which eColumnists, as you call them, get the biggest response?
A: Each gets a different kind of response. KAREN'S KITCHEN, hands down, is the most popular page on the site,
and most emails to her relate to the recipes and stories she features. Others receive responses very much related
to their eColumns. Be sure to let your favorites hear from you!

Q:  What if I want to contact any of the eColumnists, or if I want to give suggestions for future features to them?
A: is visitor-driven. Your suggestions and feedback are invaluable to us. That's why we've made
it easy to access an online feedback form from every page of the website. Because of the volume, we cannot
guarantee a personal reply, but we do read every email.
And don't be in a hurry if you write Sterling; we still haven't talked him into becoming a Net surfer, and it's not likely
he will give up his trusty, well-oiled 1926 Royal typewriter anytime soon.

Q:  When you first started, Jeoffrey and Renée Powell had a photo that was used on the
FrontPage of the Seasoned Romance eColumn. For years, however, they've used a stylized sketch instead of the
photo. Why?
A: Jeoffrey's quip: The drawing is me when I still had a full head of hair...what better reason than that?
Actually, the Powells are amazed that anyone even mentioned it. They have worked a lifetime internationally as
researchers and writers, exclusively behind the scenes and in relative, preferred obscurity. Adds Jeoffrey, "On
      Suddenly, after talked them into using their photo on the original eColumns, people started
recognizing them in airports and other places, both in North America and Europe.
     "That might be fine for some people who like the attention and thrive on it," says Renée, "but Jeoffrey and I are
pretty private people. We've spent our lifetime together out of the spotlight, and we prefer it. We apologize if that
upsets some visitors, but we promise to work hard to bring you such good information and
research about romance that it won't matter whether we use a photo or drawing."
     "Besides," adds Jeoffrey with a wink, "the drawings don't have wrinkles. We can look 55 forever!"

Q:  What are the main complaints you receive concerning your website? What are the primary compliments?
A:  Main complaint: Too much variety. Primary compliment: So much variety. Go figure!

Q:  What do you hope to add in's future?
A:  More variety. More colorful features. Everything in our power to continue making one of the
internet's most popular over-50, "Boomer and Beyond" websites.

Q: What's with the new look? We like the new design. What made you decide to change?
A: We had the first beach design for nearly three years. That's a lifetime in Web years, so we decided to update the
look back in 2008 to a nice gold and blue theme. Then in 2011 we moved into our maroon and chrome era. The
majority of our visitors, especially so many of our regular MBYers, have let us know that they like it. Let us know
what you think by using the email address at our
Contact Us page.
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