“I’m too old!”

So often when a discussion turns to health and fitness, that “old” answer
surfaces, spoken or unspoken.

“You can’t teach old dogs new tricks!”

Here’s a one-word, old-fashioned answer to both phrases: Baloney!
Certain things can not only keep you from aging rapidly, but you can actually turn back
the clock.

In other words, your life and health depend upon factors largely under your own control.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are several practical ways you can
take control of aging:

  • Be aware of your genetic weaknesses and strengths. You can’t choose your
    genes, of course, but you can be alert to tendencies that run in your family and
    seek to overcome those traits. Get tested more often for areas with a higher risk.

  • Change your future! Just because someone in your family died from a heart attack
    when they were 55 or 65 or 105 doesn’t mean that you have to fall into a chasm of
    self-fulfilling prophecy. Seek medical guidance on how to overcome genetic traits,
    then change what you can.

  • Realize that time is on your side. The life-expectancy numbers are rising by the
    year. Modern medicine continues to unravel many secrets of illness and genetic
    challenges. Preventative medicine is exploding with new solutions to age-old
    questions. Seek out information, and learn what works for you.

  • Resolve to get more fit and healthier than ever before. Regardless of where you
    are right now—good, bad or in-between—you can get better. Study after study of
    people from all age groups, even those in their nineties, show that those who
    follow a program of health and fitness tend to live longer and with a better quality
    of life.

  • Eat to get younger. Dr. Michael Roizen, in his powerful book, The RealAge Diet,
    says that by doing something as simple as eating fish two times a week can
    actually make you look and feel younger. The same can happen with a diet filled
    with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain breads, beans and brown rice. He
    and co-author Dr. John La Puma show how they have helped many reverse aging
    by changing lifestyle choices. They point toward fifty-one food choices and
    strategies that are age busters.

The better you look and feel, the better
you feel about yourself. As a result,
you perform better and others respond
to you more positively. It is a life-giving,
positive cycle that anyone can achieve!

Think young! Is it Pollyanna-ish to think
that you are as young as you think.
Yes, to a certain extent. But who cares?
As C. Wyatt Runyan wrote, “We don’t
stop playing because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop playing.”
Don’t stop playing!

Seek God’s guidance in your life. With
the Lord in your life, you are running in
circles with no end in sight. With Him, you have meaning and direction.

Remember, you are responsible for you. Free choice is a tremendous gift from God, but
it is also a life-or-death challenge. It is up to you to make changes in your lifestyle and
environment that will contribute to better health and turn back the clock. And we will
encourage you again and again to do so during the coming weeks!

Q & A
What are the most prominent genetic strengths and weaknesses from what you know
about your family?

What steps have you taken to maximize those strengths and overcome the weaknesses?

What else could you do? What is holding you back?

Our bodies stopped building bones around the time we blew out the birthday cake with
thirty candles. After that, our bones begin dissolving through the urine, and the amount
depends largely on the acidity of food intake. Much of that dissolved calcium accumulate
in the arteries, veins, skin tissue and organs.

One of your greatest enemies, in
terms of acidity and dissipating
calcium, is carbonated drinks. Sure,
one bottle of “harmless” bubbly won’t instantly turn you into a jellyfish, but we live in an
kill you, but we live in a day when
people are drinking an average of
fifty-plus gallons of soft drinks
per year!

As you point toward healthier living,
be wary of carbonated drinks. This
warning applies to the young people
around you, as well, since soft drinks provide large amounts of sugars (mostly high-
fructose corn syrup) to many
individuals' diets. Soda pop, for
example, provides the average
12- to 19-year-old boy with about
15 teaspoons of refined sugars a
day and the average girl with about 10 teaspoons a day.

In addition, soft drinks are a problem not only for what they contain, but for what they
push out of the diet. Heavy soft drink consumption is associated with lower intake of
numerous vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

Drink water instead! You’ll be surprised at the difference.

When choosing a fitness program that is right for you, it is important to make sure that it
is interesting and fun, as well as beneficial.

Whatever you do, develop a fitness program that involves the Big Three of Fitness, then
keep on course and you will see significant changes in the way your body looks and how
you feel about your new image.

Don’t forget—the important thing is not where you are right now, but where you are

Best of all—“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth” (3 John 2).
Dr. Daniel Cosgrove, founder and medical
director of Wellmax, a health-care and
preventative-care facility in LaQuinta,
California (, says
“Chronological age is only a number. What
matters is how rapidly we age.”

More importantly, according to Dr. Cosgrove,
your health and vitality depend upon a web-
like association of many different components
such as nutrition, stress, biochemistry, genes
and fitness
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Harold and Mary Allebach have been wellness practitioners for over half a
century. Harold, now in his late seventies, is a certified reflexologist. Mary
specializes in nutrition and health education.

Both exercise daily, work full-time in their healthcare practice, sing in
their church choir each week, travel, keep up with two grown girls and a
growing number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, meanwhile
maintaining a level of vim and vigor that causes people wherever they go
to ask, “Where do you get all this energy?”

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