Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “The great thing in this
world is not so much where we are, but in what
direction we are moving.”

That’s the philosophy of, pure and simple!

Your life and health depend upon factors largely under
your own control.
The secret is to figure out where you are,
decide where you want to go and then get moving in that

Your health is important for so many reasons. Of course, it
prolongs life. No elaboration is needed for that point.
  • Eat right, and at the right times.  Eating a balanced diet isn't enough for good
    health. It’s not only what you eat, but when you eat food that helps you develop a
    healthier lifestyle.

  • Develop a total, lifelong program of both healthy eating and exercise. The two
    work together amazingly well. If you desire long-term wellness and fitness, then
    avoid extremes. Balance is the key.

  • Be consistent with your sleep. Experts say you should get at least 8-10 hours
    of sleep every night. Some people can get by with less. Some need more.
    Whatever you need, optimize your sleep by getting in shape, since most experts
    agree that regular exercise means better, more restful sleep. Also, avoid eating
    before bedtime, and try to go to bed at the same time each night

  • Focus on your strengths and accomplishments. One good way to keep a
    positive, healthy attitude about life is to cast your gaze on the direction in which
    you are going, rather than looking over your shoulder at past weaknesses and

  • Practice good grooming and hygiene. Now, this might seem out of place on a
    website targeted primarily for Seasoned Seniors™, right? Wrong! Too many
    people of all ages have unhealthy personal habits that too often only get worse
    with age. Fight back! Your hygiene is a critical factor toward maintaining good
    health and wellness, especially in terms of your skin, hair, nails and teeth.

No matter where you are in your journey, your work is just beginning. You see, deciding
to find a better pattern for finding health, wealth and wisdom is just the start. Finding a
way to apply new truths to your life, throughout your life, is the challenge.

You are responsible for you.
It is up to you to make changes in your lifestyle and
environment that will contribute to better health.
And we will encourage you again
and again during the coming weeks!

Q & A:
Are you happy with where you are,
right now?

What are some primary goals you
want to achieve during
the next
thirty days
in terms of health?
In the area of fitness?

What are you willing to do,
right now, to take responsibility
for the direction you want your
life to go?

“Wheaties—Breakfast of Champions!” Remember that slogan from one of advertising’s
longest-running campaigns?

No, this is not a commercial for General Mills or its cereal that has been around since
1924, but it is a reminder that statistics continue to mount in favor of a good, nutritious

In a recent University of Michigan study, 147 men, ages 20-70, were surveyed about their
eating habits, then measured. The breakfast-skippers averaged 30-percent over ideal
The men who ate breakfast at least six times a week remained within
5-percent of their ideal bodyweight.

Coincidence? Not likely.

When you eat may turn out to be as important as what you eat!
Clearly, a nutritious
breakfast is a wise investment for the person who wants to get fit.
So, your Mom
was right after all—eat your breakfast!

When choosing a fitness program that is right for you, it is important to make sure that it
is interesting and fun, as well as beneficial.

Exercises that are too difficult or boring will inevitably send you back to couch potato life

Instead, consider any of these exercises, divided by approximate calorie-burning

  • Workouts that burn 4 calories-per-minute include calisthenics, slow walking, slow
    cycling, golf, housework, line dancing, table tennis, doubles tennis and gardening.

  • Workouts that burn 7 calories-per-minute include aerobics, brisk walking,
    moderate cycling, individual basketball practice, swimming, active dancing,
    racquetball, singles tennis and skiing.

  • Workouts that burn 10 calories-per-minute include kickboxing, jogging, fast cycling,
    team basketball, strenuous dancing, strength training and cross-country skiing.

Also, remember that
variety is the spice of life, certainly with exercise. Pick two or
three areas that you think you will enjoy, perhaps walking three days a week and
strength training two days, then cross-train consistently.

Don’t forget—t
he important thing is not where you are right now, but where you
are going!

Best of all—“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in
health, even as thy soul prospereth”
(3 John 2). God gave that promise to you and
me! It is up to us to claim that precious promise!
However, health and fitness are important because these are major factors which
influence your overall image of yourself.

The better you look and feel, the better you feel about yourself. As a result, you
perform better and others respond to you more positively. It is a life-giving, positive
cycle that anyone can achieve!

That’s the point of this SeniorZest™ eColumn.
Here are several basic steps
toward great health and fitness for Seasoned Seniors™:

  • Take responsibility now for what you have been, what has happened to you,
    what you are right now, and what you will become. Don't spend your life
    blaming yourself or others. Simply take responsibility. Choose to live by your
    own values and goals.
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Harold and Mary Allebach have been wellness practitioners for over half a century. Harold, now in
his late seventies, is a certified reflexologist. Mary specializes in nutrition and health education.

Both exercise daily, work full-time in their healthcare practice, sing in their church choir each week,
travel, keep up with two grown girls and a growing number of grandchildren and great-
grandchildren, meanwhile maintaining a level of vim and vigor that causes people wherever they
go to ask, “Where do you get all this energy?”

SeniorZest™, an exclusive eColumn of, features insight, information, interviews
and inspiration to help you live life to the fullest, regardless of your age!
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