Recently I was asked, "What is something about you that people are surprised to

Boy, that could be a Pandora's Box, even with an old gal like me.

The fact that I like to travel and write are no surprises. My family and all they
represent are very special to me, so that is no big surprise.

It took a few minutes, but I came up with one thing that often surprises people.

I like English and Irish rock and roll music! Heck, I'll even go for some Scottish Rod

Granted, I like just about any kind of music, from fellow
HenrySlaughter's Southern Gospel music and JimmyClanton's
Fifties and Sixties American rock `n roll, to reggae, Southern-fried country
rock, true blue country, contemporary Christian...the list could go on for-
ever. And, oh baby, don't even get me started talking about old blues or
Big Band!

I like just about anything except some of the rap stuff that these old ears
just don't quite understand.

But I truly do like English and Irish rock and roll. I've loved it since even before the so-called English invasion of the
early and middle Sixties.

    I'm talking about everyone from Cliff Richards to the Beatles and even some of
    the latest British musicians. Crank up the old "Here Comes the Night" by Them.
    Give me some Chieftains.

    Well, if you like English and Irish rock and roll, you've got to plan some day to
    travel to the United Kingdom to experience the roots of so much great music.

    With a little assistance from the Yahoo! and Google search engines, you can
    learn just about everything you will ever want to know (and probably things you
    don't want to know) about the English and Irish sites associated with rock and

One of the best places to start online is
England Rocks! There you will find an interactive map of the top 100 rock
and roll-related places. it's very easy to use.

Do you want to visit Dusty Springfield's grave? You can find it at Henley-on-Thames.

Are you a Rolling Stones fan who wants to go Brian Jones's grave? You can get directions to the site in Cheltenham?

Where were you when you first remember hearing or seeing the Beatles? Well, if you were part of  Beatlemania, you
can find lots of places to visit that will remind you of all things John, Paul, George and Ringo. Want to see the Eleanor
Rigby statue? It's on the map. Care to see the McCartney's Liverpool home where loveable Paul grew up? You're
going to love how it has been restored to look like the pre-Beatle days.

And if you go all the way back to "Love Me Do," you've got to
visit the Abbey Road Studios where so much great Fab Four
music was recorded.

Want to visit Penny Lane where Paul and John used to meet
to catch a bus into the center of the city. The street remains
an important landmark for Beatles fans touring Liverpool.

Are you a Eddie Cochran fan? No matter where you are from,
you may want to visit the Chippenham, Wiltshire site where
the American rock and roller died as a 21 year old in that
horrible car crash.

Does your tastes lean more toward Adam & the Ants? Find the home in Hertfordshire in the eastern part of England
where the famous "Stand and Deliver" video was filmed.

Rock fans may want to visit the beach where the Gallaghers, members of Oasis, shot the sleeve cover for Roll With It;
see a memorial plaque on the site where Eddie Cochran died in a car crash; and tour the stately home in
Hertfordshire in eastern England where Adam & the Ants filmed the "Stand and Deliver" video.

Ozzy? You can learn everything you want to know (and more!) about visiting his favorite Seventies watering holes
and hangouts.

Jimi Hendrix? Not only can you find his home in London, but you may be surprised to discover that "The Messiah"
composer George Frideric Handel once lived there, as well.

So whether you are a English and irish rock and roll fan, as I am, and whether you plan to visit the United Kingdom
anytime soon or not, it's fun to look think about and remember.

Check it out!

And don't be surprised if you see Rosie cuttin' the rug someday when you visit some of these places. In the words of
the very American Billy Joel, "It's still rock and roll to me!"
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