We have mentioned this before in previous Seasoned Romance eColumns. It's worth mentioning
again and again...and again.

There are so many sexual benefits to getting into better shape—from more satisfaction,
increased desire, stamina and flexibility.
That's just for starters. Best of all, these benefits
are genderless and ageless. No matter whether you are a man or woman, and no matter when
you start in life, you can improve everything, including sex, by starting and sticking with a fitness

It goes without saying that your body changes as you cross the big five-oh. Those changes
actually started long before. And your body will continue to change.

However, you don't have to surrender to gravity. Much to the contrary!
An exercise program
boosts your self-esteem like nothing else can.
It will help you feel better about yourself.
Since the most important sexual organ in your body is your brain, what you see staring back from
the mirror as you get more fit and flexible can amaze you.

Granted, no exercise program can make you 21 again, exercise does boost your self-esteem like
gang-busters. It will help you feel more desirable, which helps you act more desirable.

Frankly, the better you feel about yourself, and as you gain more confidence about your
improving body, the more comfortable you will be both outside and inside your

Almost universally in our decades of research, we have heard firsthand reports of both
men and women who report a direct connection between improving fitness and sexual

"I felt more comfortable with myself as I looked in the mirror when I stepped out of the shower," we
"Sam" (not his real name) one 75 year old man say during our early years of research
(back then we were both much younger, so it had a bigger impact, we suppose!). "I had just about
given up on sex with my wife. She had about given up on everything. A funny thing happened,
though, when I decided to get into better shape. I started looking at myself in the mirror as a
sexual person again. I still got erections at times, but I will never forget the moment when I actually
got an erection standing there looking at a body that was starting to lose weight and get more fit.
There was a glow to my body that hadn't been there in years. I think it was at that moment that I
began realizing that I still had a little gunpowder left in the barrel."

This was a major revelation to us as researchers who apparently thought, like so many people
under 40, that life (and sex) ended when you crossed some imaginary age-line. We asked Sam
what happened next with
"Irene" (his wife; again, not her real name).

    "I don't know if it was just because I was acting more confident,"
    he said, "or if I was just more frisky, as we used to call it, but my
    wife started picking up on what was going on with me. At first she
    talked about me `going up fool's hill,' another old phrase, but I
    could tell that she liked the spark that I was feeling more and
    more. It didn't take long for both of us to definitely tell the
    difference in our lovemaking. I was firmer. I lasted longer. I wanted
    to last longer, which was something I had stopped doing a long
    time ago. That gave me more confidence in our foreplay, since I
    didn't have to rush to get inside and get it over with before I ran
    out of steam. She definitely liked that. I can honestly say that the
    result was absolutely wonderful and very fulfilling to me. I knew
    something great was happening because before long, she started
    talking about starting to get into shape. Wow! Just her decision to
start joining me for my walks and workouts everyday was a turn-on to me. I remember getting
awfully hot and bothered just seeing her in her cute workout outfits. Okay, maybe it wasn't an
instant miracle, and it's not as if there haven't been challenges along the way, but honestly there
are sometimes I really do feel like we've found the fountain of youth we used to read about!"

Sam and Irene both talked about how exercise not only made them feel more comfortable with
each other in bed, but it boosted libido by ridding them occasional depression and insomnia.

An recent article by Michael O`Shea in
Parade Magazine bears out what Sam and Irene
discovered by "accident." O`Shea reports:

    The sexual benefits of exercise are definitely not all in your head—and you don’t have to
    be an Olympic champ to enjoy them. A Harvard study showed that men who exercise
    three to five hours each week have a 30% lower risk of erectile dysfunction than
    those who are sedentary. Walking just 30 minutes on most days will have a positive
    effect, and starting at any age provides benefits. Short, intense bouts of exercise also
    increase the level of testosterone in men, which in turn increases sexual desire
    and performance. A study done at the University of Texas at Austin showed that women
    are more sexually responsive after just 20 minutes of vigorous exercise.
    Researchers believe that, in both men and women, improved blood flow and circulation
    play a key role. (Michael O`Shea, "Shape Up Your Love Life," Parade Magazine, April 6,
    2008, 19-20.

O`Shea, in the same article, also points out another important
part of the exercise regimen that Sam and Irene discovered:

    And don’t forget to make stretching an important part of
    your workout routine. When it comes to certain romantic
    endeavors, let’s just say flexibility is a plus... And let’s
    not forget good old endurance. Muscle tone and
    stamina are all increased by exercise. The advantages
    of both extend far beyond the gym. Plus, the post-workout endorphin rush will put you in a
    better mood, which can only help your relationship.

We talked with Sam and Irene several more times before losing contact with them. They
epitomized everything O`Shea and the latest research from Harvard and the University of Texas
continues to reveal.

    Even well into their eighties and beyond, they were filled
    with energy and optimism. That definitely spilled over into
    their "frisky" attitude toward romance. They caused a
    revolution among their friends who couldn't help but notice
    the improvement in their entire outlook on life.

    And it all started with exercise, which led to Sam's revealing
    moment in front of the mirror. You already know the rest of
    this heartwarming and inspiring story.

    Now, it's time to start your own journey.

Learning about this remarkable couple was eye-opening for us as younger researchers, though
we have heard hundreds, perhaps thousands, of similar accounts since then.

Hopefully, through them and the research that continues to come out, you will find your own
"fountain of youth."

Just realize, the "fountain" won't come to you...you have to get moving and go to it! Get started
    ...Exercising Together Can Lead to Better

What incentive do you need to get fit?

Try this one—
better sex!

Now that we have your attention, let's get to the nitty-gritty.

More and more studies reveal that exercise is an almost fool-proof, fail-safe way to
a better sex life.
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