Yes there are those who aren’t interested, but independent study after independent study
of boomers and seniors show how common interest in sex really is (and activity, to boot!).

Let us cite three from different parts of the world.

In an effort to overcome the lack of information on sexual activity and appetite of Swedish
men, a coordinated study was conducted by the Centre of Oncology and Departments of
Cancer Prevention and Cancer Epidemiology, Urology, Molecular Medicine, Gynaecology
and Obstetrics (all part of Stockholm’s Karolinska Hospital, in cooperation with the
Department of Clinical Psychology Uppsala University’s, the Stockholm-based Swedish
Association for Sexual Education (RFSU) and the Icelandic Cancer Society in Reykjavik,

The study involved 435 randomly selected men aged 50–80 years. Assessments included
sexual desire, erectile capacity, orgasm and ejaculation and to what extent waning sexual
function distressed the men. The questions were answered anonymously.

  • Of these, 83% stated that sex was ‘very important’, ‘important’ or a ‘spice to life’.
  • Physiological potency for men aged 50–59, 60–69 and 70–80 amounted to 97%,
    76% and 51% respectively.
  • Among the oldest men (70–80 years), 46% reported orgasm at least once a month.

The study’s overall assessment?

Sex continues to be important among the majority of elderly men. Even among the 70–80-
year-olds, an intact sexual desire, erection and orgasm are common.

The British Society of Gerontology agrees that sex plays an important part in the lives of a
majority of older people, or “pensioners,” as they are often called.

Citing several recent studies, the society
reports a growing need to sweep aside
negative stereotypes.

One of the studies that has gained
growing attention has showed that “frisky
pensioners spend more time making love
than young people.”

According to the reports by the BBC, nearly half of over-65s say their sex sessions take
up more than two hours a week.

By contrast, only one-in-six of 16 to 25-year-olds and fewer than 26% of 25 to 64-year-
olds could match the “pensioners” performance.

A recent study by Harvard University likewise shows that sex life doesn’t automatically end
with advancing age.

In round numbers, 50%–80% of healthy couples over 70 report sexual activity on a
regular basis, including weekly intercourse in about half of them.

Statistics can prove anything, right?

Two people can read the same studies we just cited and come to two completely different

The proverbial bottom line comes down to this: The secret to having a healthy sexual life—
at any age—means making wise choices every day about exercise, food, attitudes,
relationships and every other part of your life.

The choices you make will help determine your sexual appetite and activity.

Getting older used to mean…well, getting older. Now it means finding out that an entirely
new world of opportunities can be opened up to you. Certainly that is true when it comes
to passion and lovemaking.

There are no set guidelines that work every time under every situation. However, sexual
therapists, physicians and counselors with whom we have worked as researchers,
generally agree on twelve basic ways to overcome some of the challenges of age:

  • Never start a new physical activity without a thorough check-up by your health
  • Focus on getting healthier through the food you eat, the exercise you do, and the
    wholesome choices you make.
  • Avoid lovemaking when either partner is tired or stressed.
  • Consider having sex in the morning when a man’s erection is more likely and both
    partners are refreshed.
  • At the same time, don’t get locked into a set ritual of “a certain
    time” or “a certain day.” There’s a lot to be said for spontaneity.
  • Don’t make having an orgasm the ultimate point in every sexual
    act—focus on giving and receiving pleasure, whether it
    proceeds to a climax or not.
  • Take turns at giving and receiving sexual pleasure.
  • Spend more time on sexual activities other than intercourse. For
    instance, rather than relying on intercourse alone, as was
    customary when the couple was younger, it may be helpful for
    both partners to achieve orgasm via other techniques.
  • Develop a new repertoire of sexual activities (there are many
    great books and videos on this subject at any library or
    bookstore). Get over the embarrassment and get started toward
    better lovemaking as a Seasoned Senior.
  • Focus on ample amounts of clitoral stimulation (for her) and vigorous penile
    stimulation (for him)—before and during intercourse, as needed and desired.
  • Choose lovemaking positions in which vaginal tension is increased for heightened
    penile stimulation.
  • Encourage your partner, no matter what challenges you face. All of us need
    encouragement and kind words. Your support and love, regardless of what
    happens, reduces frustration and pressure, allowing you to focus more on making
    each thing you do into a pleasurable experience.

Yes, it will be different and you must learn to adjust to a body
that is changing, but—as so much of our research and our
email volume attests—sex can be so much better than you
ever imagined, regardless of age, if you are willing to learn to
embrace the changes that you are experiencing as you get

Be open all that is available for you!


Until next time, we wish you romance!
Plenty of people reflect this one from Jon L. from Denmark:

    “I so appreciate the information you provide. I am 78,
    and sex has always been something that I have enjoyed.
    If anything it has gotten better with age. I just thought I
    was abnormal. Finally I am able to see that what my wife
    and I have been experiencing is being experienced by
    many other people who have positive attitudes about life
    and health and lovemaking.”

Still, there are some who share the opinion of Toronto’s Joelle
P., who writes:

    “I can’t help but think that you are making up all those
    statistics and studies. I don’t give a fig about sex. I
    haven’t since I was middle aged. My husband isn’t
    interested either. We get along fine without it. I can’t
    help believing that there are lots more out there like us.”
             ...Embrace the Changes

One of the most common comments we receive to our Seasoned Romance eColumns at can be summed up with this one that came from Louise H. in Australia:

    “Thank goodness someone is finally talking about sex being important to people
    our age!”
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