The clearly-stated goal of our exclusive feature in MyBestYears.com is to help you realize
and experience romance well into your golden years, and to help you keep the passion
alive in your relationship.

But Jeoffrey and Renée, you ask, “What’s exercise got to do with romance? In fact, doesn’
t MyBestyears.com have separate eColumns about fitness and wellness? Why not
concentrate on just romance?”

Well, MyBestYears.com does have the great
SeniorZest™, Hardcore Health™ and
SpiritSteelStrength™ eColumns, and each is invaluable in focusing on eating, exercise
and wellness. Check each out regularly because they are chock-filled with life-changing
insight, information and inspiration.

But we can't emphasize enough that exercise has a
great deal to do with romance. Let us
cite just a few of the many academic studies that have shed new light on this subject.

  • A University of California at San Diego study focused on 78 middle-age males who
    had previously and increasingly adjusted to sedentary lifestyles (something that isn’
    t hard to do in an age of computers, fast-food, television, and twice-a-day
    commutes to work. These men agreed to begin exercising three to four times a
    week for one-hour each session. There were many benefits, of course, but almost
    every former and admitted couch potato began reporting a desire for more
    frequent intimacy, stronger and more reliable erections, and significantly greater
    overall romantic satisfaction
  • The results were very similar for middle-to-older aged women who were studied at
    Massachusetts’ Bentley College. In a comparative evaluation of women who
    exercised regularly and those with a more sedentary lifestyle, the exercisers almost
    universally had more frequent and enjoyable intimacy than their counterparts.

  • Less than an eight-miles drive through the Greater Boston area from Bentley’s
    Waltham campus to Cambridge, Harvard University did a study showing that males
    from a variety of ages who exercised at least 20-30 minutes a day were half as
    likely to experience erectile dysfunction as those who exercised less or not at all.

  • In a related Harvard study, weight gain among males almost invariably caused a
    greater likelihood of erection problems.

What does this mean for you?

Okay, the play on words is corny, but the idea is sound. Get rolling, and you are more
likely to rock (and we’re not talking about back porch chairs!).

Always, always get medical check-ups before beginning a new fitness regimen, and follow
your doctor’s advice, especially if you face physical challenges, but get moving.

This doesn’t require high-tech equipment or expensive gear. Any type of cardiovascular
exercise—walking briskly, jogging, bicycling riding, swimming—will do wonders. It’s
important to start slowly and build gradually, but your idea target should be 30 minutes to
an hour at least five times a week.

Add strength training, stretching and flexibility programs to your regimen, and you are
likely to be pleasantly surprised at what happens in bed (or on that back porch rocker!).

Just remember, fitness is only part of what leads to greater intimacy. Greater endurance
and a better physical appearance can make you feel better about yourself and function
better in the heat of passion, but it’s also important to remember that developing better
lovemaking skills, greater warmth, deeper understanding of your partner’s desires, and a
heightened awareness of your changing body—all of these, coupled with fitness and
wellness, help make you a more passionate Seasoned, Sensuous Senior™.

Give pleasure. Receive pleasure. Get rolling! It’s all a part of the wonderful process of
romance and intimacy.

Discover the secret why those men and women you see exercising every day do what
they do. We’ve interviewed and researched enough seniors to know that those joggers
and weightlifters may be grimacing while they are exercising, but you ought to see them
smiling when they are able to enjoy greater intimacy!

Almost universally, the exercising, healthier men and women insist that romance and
intimacy is better than ever. We are betting that you will, too.

Wishing you romance,
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