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We both enjoy dancing, but during this time dancing, even as occasional
entertainment, had been placed on a dusty shelf. As we listened to the words
again and again during that time on a cassette player, we discussed the song
and what it meant. We especially loved the second verse:
    Now here is the one thing I keep forgetting
    When everything is falling apart
    In life there's enough I need to remember
    There's no such thing as trying too hard

That song was an inspiration to spend more time together, no matter what
pressures are around, and to not let the "others" in life keep us from doing what
makes us happy.

We have thought of the lines from Kathy Mattea's song many times since then,
and we have often recommended dancing as a great way to not only add
romance, but also such a powerful way to health through flexibility, strength, endurance and an overall sense of

We were recently reminded of yet another way that dancing can be so beneficial to both individuals and couples. A
study at Queen’s University Belfast found that dancing not only offers mental, physical and social benefits, but it
appears to reduce the risk of illness and even seems to counteract the ravages of aging.

In another 20-year study at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University in New York City,
scientists found that ballroom dancing helps prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Even more studies have shown that older people who danced had better balance and gait than non-dancers.

“Dancing is a complex activity,” said Dr. Joe Verghese of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine . There’s an
intellectual aspect to dancing. When you dance, you have to remember the steps and how to dance them, you
have to move in time with the music and you have to adapt to the actions of your partner. All are mentally

    The chorus of scientists are discovering what many have known for centuries.
    Dancing is wonderfully transforming, breathing life into tired bodies, and making
    the heart soar. It unites generations and cultures. It inspires and rekindles
    romance. And it turns sadness into joy!

    In short, the answer to staying healthy, happy and romantic may be as close as the
    nearest dance floor!

How about you?

You can find dance classes at a dance school, dance studio, health club, senior activity group, community
recreation center, churches and synagogues.

There are so many forms of dance you can explore, from square dancing to swing, line, folk, ballroom, belly, salsa,
flamenco, tap, jazz, modern, clogging and so many more.

Not only is dancing a great path to wellness and fitness, dancing is also by its nature is a romantic activity. It
involves music, and the close proximity of the opposite sex. Dancing is about fun and fantasy and make-believe.

For most of us, this is part of the attraction of dancing. And romance can be an awesome component in dancing.
The main thing, thought, and the key to enjoyment in dancing is simply to do as Kathy Mattea's song says, "
got to dance like nobody's watching..It's got to come from the heart if you want it to work."

When you enjoy dancing, no matter your skill level, people are naturally drawn to you, for enjoyment is contagious.
Be one of those individuals. Get out on the dance floor and discover an entirely new creative side that's waiting to
be released!

                         We wish you romance,
                      ...A Wonderful Way to Wellness!

Back in 1989 we were busy on a long-term sexuality research project in several places on the other side of
the world, far away from our home in Denmark, a bit overwhelmed by the work schedule we were keeping and
somewhat homesick for all things familiar. It was during this time that we heard an American song on the radio
and fell in love with the singer, Kathy Mattea, and the words. The chorus goes:

    You got to sing like you don't need the money
    Love like you'll never get hurt
    You got to dance like nobody's watching
    It's got to come from the heart if you want it to work