She was a role model for my sister Sheri and myself, and I
learned so many things from her. Above all else, she loved the
Lord and was always willing to share with others His love. She
was so giving, willing to put others first. And she had to be a
master of organization to keep all the different parts of her life

I saw her dealing with major challenges as my Nana, her mother,
became bed-ridden. As her condition worsened, my Mom got
stronger. I grew to love her more as I got older and had my own
children, understanding more and more of the sacrifices she had
made when I was younger so I could go to college and realize my
own dreams.

She was also a great cook, but because of her schedule, Mom
often sought recipes that were tasty, nutritious and quick. One of
our family’s favorites (and still a hands-down favorite of my
children and grandchildren) has always been her TOO-EASY
TUNA-AND-MACARONI SALAD. It’s perfect for hectic lifestyles,
then and now, for you can make it in advance, refrigerate
overnight, and serve for lunch or dinner.
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