Widowed for several years (she was married to Al for over 48 years!), Bobbye has been
retired from teaching for fourteen years, now lives in Amarillo, stays busy with volunteer
work with her church’s Prayer Quilt Ministry and Sunday School Class, works with a local
hospital in the Ronald McDonald Family Room, and helps with fund-raisers for the
Ronald McDonald House. A pet project is working with the Eveline River’s Christmas
Workshop, through which over 2700 children received free coats last year and over
7000 gifts were delivered to children at Christmas 2006. Amazing!

If that’s not enough, Bobbye’s travels this past year included an Alaskan cruise, Red
River, NM, New York City, Philadelphia, and to Washington, DC (she was a charter
member for the World War II Memorial).

“New York City is always very special for me,” she says. “This is where my husband Al’s
father landed from Germany in 1891. He had $1 in his pocket.”
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With all of her activities, her children and grandchildren, as well as all her friends, can’t
help but be amazed at her vim and vigor!

And, yes, she still cooks amazing meals, including Bobbye’s wonderful banana bread
that is has been a favorite around my house for 35 years since she shared the recipe
with me.

The fragrant smells are guaranteed to draw family and friends into your kitchen, too.
That’s why I wanted to share it, along with this brief tribute to my special friend Bobbye.
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