After reading her QUEEN OF HEARTS feature, it is evident that time
management is one of her strong suits, and her resourcefulness and
resilience is only heightened by her absolute delight in spending time with
family and friends.

When asked about her favorite recipes, Janie's eyes sparkle as she
describes the fun times associated with the dish.

"I first heard about Cowboy Caviar at a July the Fourth barbeque," she
says. "It was a big get-together with some neighbors and friends from
work. The first time I tasted the Cowboy Caviar, I loved it! So did everyone
else who was there. I asked for the recipe and began making it for my
family. Now it's a favorite every time I take it to pot-luck dinners or parties.
People never seem to get tired of it. I know I don't. It is so easy to prepare.
You can put it together in advance. It's healthy and colorful. Best of all,
it's yummy!"


    4 ripe avocados diced
    5 Roma tomatoes diced
    4 stalks green onions diced
    1/2 cup finely chopped fresh Cilantro

Place all above ingredients into large mixing bowl and add the following:
    2 cans drained black beans
    2 cans drained black-eyed peas
    2 cans drained Shoepeg corn

Season above with 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, as well as salt and
pepper to taste.

Then mix this sauce:
    2/3 cup red wine vinegar
    2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
    1 tablespoon (or less) of sugar

Pour the sauce over all the above ingredients. Taste to determine if
you might need extra vinegar. Place in jars or a plastic container and
keep refrigerated. Serve with corn chips (Janie and her family especially
like it with lime-flavored corn chips). You can also use the mix as a
condiment on submarine sandwiches or even baked potatoes.

It can last up to five days in the refrigerator, but don't plan on that
happening, since once you start eating
Janie's Cowboy Caviar,
you won't want to stop!

Serve it just once at your house or the next pot-luck dinner, and this
delightful anytime dish is certain to become a favorite for your family
and friends, too!
    ...A Delicious, Easy-to-Prepare Dish from Arizona's First Red Hatter
    Queen Mother

Currently featured in's ESPECIALLY FOR RED HATTERS (click here to read the QUEEN OF
HEARTS spotllight), Janie Rausch-DeAngelis has a busy lifestyle in which she somehow blends work for the
famed Mayo Clinic, overseeing the whirlwind of activities as founding Queen Mother of the Arizona Red Hat Society
chapter known as the Decadent Dames, as well as family time and a brand-new husband!

Somewhere in the midst of this whirlwind, she loves to travel and also manages to be one of Phoenix's favorite

"Live every day to the fullest," Janie says when asked about her full schedule. "I believe in doing absolutely
anything and everything I want to right then and there. I don’t put things off."
Janie and Al DeAngelis exchanging
vows at their recent Phoenix wedding
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