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Their three grown sons are now grown and successful—Gerald (married to Sandi, with two grown daughters) is a
satellite video engineer with Raycom Sports in the Carolinas, Steve (married to LeAnn,with a grown daughter and son)
pastors Fairlawn Nazarene Church in Topeka, and Travis is a legal professional in Oklahoma City.

Glenda is a gourmet cook, so I when I asked her about a favorite
recipe, I wondered what wonderful delight she would share. She
surprised me by quickly mentioning her Texas-Style Chili. But
when you try it, you will understand why it is a family favorite.

"This recipe is the one I used as our three boys were growing up
in the Plains of West Texas," she said as she explained how
meaningful the chili was to her family. "They really didn't enjoy
hot or spicy foods, so some of the substitutions I used were
ground beef instead of chunky "chili ground" beef, tomato sauce
instead of canned whole tomatoes, and less seasoning. We got
used to the same ingredients so never changed them. After my
husband's mother passed away, I inherited her stainless steel
copper-bottom stew pot and I have used it since then to make
chili and soups. There is something special about cooking food
for my family in that pot!"

As for family memories, she said, "I prepare this recipe for family gatherings and game day suppers. My kids insist
they can't have Thanksgiving or Christmas without Mom's chili the evening before. A pot of chili on the stove in Mom's
kitchen is also a good bribe to get the kids to come visit (A secret all Mom's use, of course!)."

What about variations and quantities: "In our family we serve a hot steaming bowl of chili over crushed crackers and
Frito's Chips, then add shredded cheese (with more shredded cheese on the side!). Yum! And now that our boys are
grown when Dad gets hungry for chili, I will make the same large pot of chili and freeze containers for the kids to take
home when they come by. In fact, this is a chili recipe that can easily be adapted for a large family or group by
doubling the quantities. Of course, everyone has a distinct taste for chili, so you can make this as mild or as hot as
youdesire by adding more spices or chilies."  
...A Family Favorite with Flavor As Big as the Lone Star (and Sooner) State

On June 27, 2009, Loyd and Glenda Vaughn will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary! I figured what better
time to get her to share a favorite family recipe.

My sister in law Glenda is one of the most creative people you will ever meet. Her house always looks like a HGTV
showplace. Her beautiful paintings, imaginative crafts and gorgeous flower arrangements make the Vaughn's home
especially warm and inviting. And she has always been an inspiration because of her faith and hospitality.

She and her husband Loyd raised three sons in West Texas. They were named the Farm Bureau "Texas Farm
Family of the Year" in the 1970s, and have since lived in Colorado and now reside in Oklahoma. Loyd is retired, and
Glenda works for the City of Stillwater Engineering Department.
    2 pounds of ground beef (can substitute ground pork, turkey,
      chicken, buffalo or other meats)
    1 can (15 oz.) Ranch Style® beans
    1 packet (1 1/8 oz) Williams Original Chili Seasoning®
    2 cans (each 4 oz) tomato sauce (or use as much as
      one 14.5 oz can)
    2 tablespoons vegetable oil
    1 medium onion, chopped
    16 oz. water
    salt and pepper

  • In a large stew pot or skillet, sauté chopped onions in oil until clear and                                                
    slightly brown.
  • Crumble and brown 2 lbs. ground beef. Drain fat, if desired.
  • Stir in packet of Williams Original Chili Seasoning® until well mixed.
  • Add can of Ranch Style Beans® and stir.
  • Add tomato sauce.
  • Stir in water, mixing well.  
  • Add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Simmer at least 10 minutes, or longer.

Chili can be topped with shredded cheese, sour cream, chopped onions,
hot chilies or guacamole. Be imaginative!

Yield is 8 Servings.

Left-over chili (if you ever have any!) can be served over tortilla chips with added toppings, or on hot dogs.
Photograph by David Holbrook
David Holbrook Photography
Perkins, OK
Celebrating 50 Years Together!