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"I met Ron while we were students at Bob Jones University," she shares. "We were married in
1959, and we have since served in youth ministries in both Indiana and Colorado, then
pastorates in Grand Junction (Colorado), Elkhart (Kansas) and Garden City (Kansas), before
moving to his current church in Grace Baptist Church in Rock Springs (Wyoming), where we have
served for almost 32 years."

Along the way, the Van Hees had two beautiful, blonde-haired children, Kim and Tim. Kim is
married to Bryan Wallace, assistant pastor and music director at the church in Rock Springs),
and they have three children, Bethany (17), Timothy (16) and Cassandra 14). Tim is married to
Tina, and they live in Denver, Colorado.

Through the years, Jan has developed a special love for working with teens.

"I enjoy working with all age groups," she explains, "but I have a special burden for teenagers,
and I have taught and worked with teens in every church in which we have ministered. I also
worked with them in camps during our early ministries."

A devotional for teen girls,
Think On These Things, will be available soon in bookstores, also
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Sable Creek Press or STL Distributors or from Amazon.com (see ordering link

"I have loved to write since I was a child," she reveals. "I started writing skits and plays in high
school and college. I have directed many of them in our churches. Some have been used in other
churches and camps."

Also, as Pastor Ron Van Hee has become a well known speaker at conferences and churches
(including Bob Jones University's Bible Conference), Jan has also become a favorite at many
women's conferences, retreats, seminars and meetings throughout the Midwest and Northwest.

Another area of interest, which brings us back to Jan's mmmmmm-good Boston Cream Pie, is her
love for cooking.

"As a pastor's wife," she relates warmly, "cooking has played an important part in my life. The
verses in 1 Timothy 3:2 and Titus 1:8 instruct pastors to be hospitable. It's important that the
pastor's wife not only supports her husband in this important Biblical characteristic, but she
actually bears the biggest responsibility in doing so. I love having guests and frequently have
individuals such as visiting speakers, missionaries, newcomers and friends in our home for
meals. I also enjoy entertaining larger groups such as church officers and spouses, Sunday
School classes, women's groups and the teens. I can't tell you how many `sloppy joes' and
`Mexican hats' I have served teens through the years, or how many cupcakes and cookies I have
baked! The larger the group, the simpler I try to make the meal so that it is easier to serve. I do
as much preparation as possible ahead of time so i can enjoy our guests. A very wise lady in our
first ministry taught me that secret. Everyone loved going to her home for meals. She was an
excellent cook, but it was her wonderful hospitality that everyone remembered most. She once
told me, `Do all you can to make your meal appealing, but once your guests arrive, focus on
them. They will soon forget what food you served them and what it tasted like, but they will always
remember the warmth and love you share with them.' I've always remembered that."

And about that Boston Cream Pie that has always been so special?

"As a wife and Mom," she explains, "I wanted to serve my family food they would enjoy and was
nutritious. The foods that tasted great but weren't so nutritious were reserved for special
occasions. The Boston Cream Pie is still my husband's birthday treat every year."

And soon to be yours, as well!

    Is it a cake? Is it a pie?

    Some think that it got its name because pie tins were often
    used back then instead of cake pans that were more
    expensive. Others say that the custard cream filling was
    used, a method usually associated more with pies than

    Who cares? Call it what you will, but it is worth every
    moment it takes to make this decadent dessert.

    We do know that it was reportedly invented by French chef
    M. Sanzian at Boston's Parker House Hotel not long after it
    opened in 1855. Traditionally, this pudding and cake
    combination uses two layers of sponge cake filled with
    vanilla custard or crème pâtissière. The cake is typically
    topped with a chocolate glaze (such as ganache) and
    sometimes confectioner's sugar or a maraschino cherry,
    then is cut in wedges like a pie.
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Instead of the more traditional sponge cake, Jan prefers to use a homemade yellow cake recipe,
using vanilla instead of the more typical lemon juice. She also uses four layers instead of the
usual two, which makes it even more spectacular when served to admiring guests.

Boston Cream Pie
Prepare l large box of vanilla pudding according to directions for pie filling. Refrigerate. Add
sliced bananas, if desired, before assembling the pie together.

Homemade Yellow Cake
    Preheat oven to 350 degrees
    3/4 cup butter or margarine, softened
    1 ½ cups sugar
    2 ½ tsp vanilla
    3 eggs
    1 1/3 cups buttermilk or sour milk
    3 cups flour
    3 teaspoons baking powder

Beat butter and sugar together in a bowl until fluffy. Add
vanilla and then add eggs one at a time, beating well after
each addition, scraping the sides constantly. Add buttermilk,
and beat well. Sift dry ingredients together in a bowl. Add to
butter mixture slowly, mixing well.

Pour into two well greased and floured 9 inch round pans. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35

Cake is done when toothpick inserted into the center comes our clean. Cool completely.

    Chocolate Glaze
    Jan normally uses cocoa instead of melted chocolate squares. She also alternates adding
    powdered sugar, cocoa and milk, mixing until she has the amount and consistency she
    wants. She also prefers the glaze to be thin enough to pour over the top and let it run
    down the sides, but not so thin  that it won't adhere to the sides or run off the plate.

    2 cups powdered sugar
    3 Tbsp cocoa or 1 square (1 ounce) melted unsweetened chocolate
    (Cocoa should be added to sugar before adding liquids; chocolate after)
    2 Tablespoons milk (add gradually, stirring while you add)
    1 teaspoon vanilla

Putting the Boston Cream Pie Together
Split each cake layer in half (sideways), then place the top
half of one layer with top down on plate. Cover with vanilla
pudding (with bananas added to the pudding). Stack the
other half of the layer on top, then add another layer of
pudding. Drizzle with a little of the glaze. Place bottom half
of next layer on top, add another layer of pudding, then add
the top cake layer.

Pour chocolate glaze over top and let it run down the sides.
After the glaze sets slightly, decorate with banana slices, if

Some also decorate with sliced strawberries or other fruit. If
you prefer to serve it more like the original Parker House in
Boston, sprinkle confectioner's sugar over the top and add
a maraschino cherry.

However you serve it, get ready for lots of mmmmms and requests for Jan Van Hee's
unforgettable Boston Cream Pie recipe!
My husband has eaten Boston Cream Pies in such places
as, well...Boston.

Still, he swears that the very best in all the world is the
one made by Wyoming's Jan Van Hee.

Okay, maybe he is prejudiced. He had never heard of
Boston Cream Pie before she served it at a special meal
when he was a teenager.
However, after Jan shared her recipe with me, I tend to
agree. As a pastor's wife, she has collected a number of
great recipes. She has also done just about everything
there is to do in a church, especially since she and her
husband Ron have served in churches of varying sizes.
Through it all, she has built a reputation of hospitality and

Front Row:
Timothy Wallace, Bethany
Wallace, Irma Polsley (Jan's
mother who is now 92!), Jan
Van Hee, Cassandra Wallace
and Tina Van Hee.

Back Row:
Kim and Bryan Wallace, Pastor
Ron Van Hee and Tim Van Hee
When you visit
picturesque Wyoming,
be sure to visit Pastor
Ron and Jan Van Hee
Grace Baptist Church
100 Willow and Walnut
in Rock Springs.
Call 307.382.4532 for
schedule information.
Order several copies
of Jan Van Hee's
devotional book for
teen girls...perfect for
gift-giving any time
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