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"The purpose of
life, after all, is to
live it, to taste the
experience to the
utmost, to reach
out eagerly and
without fear for
newer and richer
—Eleanor Roosevelt
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"Don Garlits has been a hero since I was a teenager
pretending to be Big Daddy dragging around Nebraska and
Iowa in my souped up GTO, so I especially like anything he
writes."  —J. Brogdon (Nebraska)
He's got more good ones coming. Read how he got the famous
nickname. Also, check out the new SENIOR CLASSICS feature on
Don's beautifully restored `40 Ford Convertible. And watch also for
the announcement of a new book from Big Daddy coming soon!

    "We love WE WILL REMEMBER. Where do you
    get the ideas?"
    —J. and L. Ressler (Florida)
    They come from the best source in the world, the
    people who regularly visit and enjoy MyBestYears.
    com. Read the latest, a heartwarming story of two
    Texas men who survived the WW II downing of the
    Empire Javelin steamship. Coming soon are
features about the courageous U.S. Army 11th Airborne, Vietnam vets
who are part of the Welcome Home program and many more!

"I agree with Sterling Graham only half of the time, but he's a
such a warm old curmudgeon that I love to read everything he
writes. Tell him to keep that old Royal typewriter clacking." —T.
Thompson (Australia)
We did. He will. Spot on! He agrees with the curmudgeon part (and so
does his wife and his best buddies Tom and Rafe!). He asked us to
send you a mug just for being so honest. He didn’t
offer to pay for it, but that’s okay. It’s on us, and it's on its way. Enjoy,
Read Sterling's latest POINTED PEN tribute to Ronald Reagan!

"I have known Henry Slaughter since he traveled with the
Imperials in the early 1960s, and I have heard him and Hazel in
concert many times with the Gaithers and others. Please let
him know how much I enjoy I REMEMBER." —S. Ford (Alabama)
Everybody, it seems, loves Henry Slaughter. He and Hazel are in
Florida now doing several concerts, and they go to Nashville in a few
days to tape another program for the great Homecoming series with
Bill and Gloria Gaither. We'll pass along details soon.
Read his latest.

"We absolutely love the INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHTS, especially
recent ones with Vince Gill, Jimmy Clanton and Sylvester
Stallone. Finally we're getting stories about people who aren't
named Britny, Angelina or Brad. Who's next?" —F. Stoops
Watch for "Midnight at the Oasis" singer Maria Muldaur, legendary
actor Mickey Rooney, bestselling storyteller and humorist Andy
Andrews, 8-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, Tino Wallenda Zoppe
of Flying Wallendas fame, and more! Now, where else can you get
feature stories like these about people whose fame has lasted much
longer than the latest tabloid headline?

"SEASONED ROMANCE with the Powells is pretty ribald for a
great-grandma like me, but if you don't share my name, I will
secretly tell you that my husband of over fifty years and I like
the ideas we've gotten (and are using) from reading their
articles. They've inspired us to get going with a new fitness
program so we can enjoy each other more." —F. Sanchez
The Powells loved your comments, but they admittedly had to look up
the word “ribald.” They were so delighted with your comments that
they told us to let you know that you will be receiving one of the first
hot-off-the-press copies of their new book,
Season Romance—Candid
, coming soon from De Leuww Books. And keep reading
their eColumn. The Powells assure us that they’ve got more "ribald"
romance coming your way. They've just posted MYTHS ABOUT
Check it out.

"What a great Website! I like the variety, but Karen's Kitchen is
my favorite. I enjoy the heartwarming stories behind the
recipes." —J. Silva (UK)
You won't believe some of the great recipes and stories she has lined
up. Meanwhile,
check out the feature on her Mom's Easy-to-Make
Tuna Salad. You're going to love that story, too!

“Jimmy and Roxanne Clanton are awesome! I've loved him
since the first time I heard "Just a Dream." Their eColumn is a
little extreme for me, but I'm sure learning a lot. Maybe even a
chunky one like me will be hardcore someday, so make sure
they keep the eColumns coming."
 —C. Chisom (Minnesota)
The Clantons are awesome, aren’t they? Read their latest eColumn
and watch for an announcement of their booklet,
, coming soon. And rock `n roll fans of all
ages are going to love the exclusive CD release of
Jimmy's classic original hits from the original Ace Records recordings—
coming soon!

“I've known about the Allebachs for years, so I am really
excited to see them writing for an international audience. I'm
telling everyone I know about their SeniorZest eColumn on!”
—P. Paulson (Pennsylvania)
They send their best wishes. Thanks for your kind comments. Keep
visiting SeniorZest for more great wellness features. And we like that
"telling everyone" idea!
"The Website is such a great idea. I have added to my favorites list, and now I
have my morning coffee with you every day to
see what's new." —M.Davis (California)
com mug on its way to the Golden State so you can

Speaking of coffee mugs, check out the new-and-
where you can find exclusive
DVDs and logo SPORTSWEAR. It's designed
exclusively for the Seasoned Seniors™ who visit!
"Wrinkles should
merely indicate
where smiles
have been."
—Mark Twain
"En vieillissant
on devient plus
fou et plus sage."
(In growing old,
one grows
more foolish
and more wise.)
—Duke François de La
Congratulations to Dick and Sandy Weeks
from Holtwood, Pennsylvania!
Click here for the full story...

Also, watch for an upcoming announcement of the exciting
Spa Getaway Giveaway, as continues to make
the Internet secure and fun for men and women over fifty!