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    …Returning Passion to the American Auto

Fred Kanter has spent his life in the collector car industry. Today he is
working harder than ever, but it is obvious that he is having a lot of fun at
the same time. Photos of his concept cars are all over the Internet. The
industry buzz about him and his amazing autos is nothing short of
“The 789 comes with all Corvette standard equipment including the 400 horsepower
aluminum block V8 engine,” Fred shares, eyes sparkling. “In addition, each car includes a
custom Borla exhaust system, PST high performance anti-sway bars and a $2,000
wheel/tire upgrade allowance. There are any number of upgrades or modifications you
can order, from turbo-charger to ceramic brakes and a custom-designed stereo system.
You can have virtually anything you want with the interior, as well.”

So with n2a’s 789, for $135,000, you receive a graceful, iconic, eye-appealing, attention-
grabbing, envy-producing, one-of-a-kind automobile, and you can drive it 190 miles an
hour if you dare!

The only limit is your imagination. Passion is not-so-standard equipment in this
timeless, new, classic beauty!
How did it happen?

Fred shared recently with MyBestYears.
com, “I was at the Atlantic City Collector
Car Show Event with George Kerbeck,
the world’s largest Corvette dealer, and
he mentioned that he was thinking
about taking sheet metal from three
different Chevys—`57, `58 and `59—to
conglomerate them into one car. I said,
`George, what a great idea. Let me
have my designers do something with
that idea for you.’ I called out to
California, gave them the idea for the
`57 front, the `58 middle and the `59
back. I said, `Draw something!’ A half-
hour later they came back to me with
an ink sketch that is almost exactly
dead-on to what you see today.”

Fred and everyone involved with
Kanter Concepts and n2a Motors
seemed to know that the car would
be special.

“It’s true,” he says. “From the minute
George said what he did and the
picture of what I wanted popped into my
head, I knew it was going to be a hit. I
really felt that it would touch people’s

Though the cars each have a unique
color design (no two alike, remember!),
all are built on a Corvette C6 chassis
(yes, the same frame that won its class
at Lemans the past few years!). Car
enthusiasts almost unanimously agree
that the C6 is the best performance
chassis ever built.
And anywhere there are get-togethers of people who like cars,
there are lots of people who are talkingabout the 789 by Kanter’
s n2a Motors (no two alike!).

With the first of his concept cars, Fred Kanter has re-
introduced emotion and passion into the automobile
world again!

With the 1958 Impala’s mid-body and unique three-chrome grill
bar, the 1958 Impala’s mid-body and unique three-toned
interior, and the 1959’s jet-winged tailfins, the n2a catches the
eyes of auto lovers everywhere one drives past.