...Today, I Will Choose to Be Happy

This particular decision for success has been conditioned out of most people.
They’re doing the same things every day; just because that’s the way they’ve
always done them.

Here’s an example of this decision in practical everyday business terms. Let’s
say you’re an employer and you have two people standing in front of you with
the same educational background. They are the same age and have the same
experience. One of them has a complaining look on his face and this other one
appears happy.

Well…who are you going to hire? The happy one, of course, because that’s the
person you want to be around!
True happiness comes from deep within, but choosing happiness
can be as simple as choosing to be grateful. The seeds of
depression, anger, and resentment cannot take root in a grateful

A couple of years ago I was taken to Mexico City by World Vision,
and they walked me around a slum that had a million people in it.
I saw my children in the eyes of the children that were playing
there in the broken glass. It was a horrible situation to see what
they have to do in order to get water and food.

I want to urge you to condition yourself, to find things that you
can be grateful for.
Become the possessor of a grateful
From this moment on, you will ignore the conditioning that
has shaped everything in your life. You will ignore the
conditioning that says children who laugh in a restaurant get on
your nerves. You will ignore the conditioning that says that you
must look for everything in the form of its lowest common denominator. You will become a
possessor of a grateful spirit, a person who is grateful for the laughter of children, and grateful
for situations that make you struggle. You’ll become grateful for situations in which you have to
find your way out, because if you can find your way out of situations, then you can lead others to
successes of their own.

There is a second part to the conditioning process of becoming the possessor of a grateful spirit:
learn how to express gratitude.

There are so many invisible people in our lives who provide services and never get thanked. You
will stand out when you stop and say, “I just wanted to say thanks for what you’re doing.” The
possessor of a grateful spirit, who gives that gratefulness to others, will not have to daily choose
to be happy. It will be a conditioned effect. You’ll wake up happy. You have to choose to be
happy at first, but the conditioning will take over and soon you will BE happy.

How does this translate into personal, business, and financial success?  Happiness leads to
opportunities. Become somebody that other people want to be around. People want to be around
happy people. That’s why happy people receive opportunities. Opportunities translate into
success. Nobody expects you to be happy every moment of every day, but you can make a
choice to smile. You will attract people in your life, and when you become a person other people
want to be around, you will attract their opportunities as well.

I’ve been asked, “What one thing can somebody do to change their life? It’s going to blow your
mind because it’s so simple:
“Smile while you talk.”

Very few people do this. Even when people tell jokes, they don’t smile while they talk. Most people
talk with a serious or bland expression on their face. Get in front of a mirror and learn to smile
while you talk. Add a little chuckle while you’re talking, and have laughter coming through in your
voice, and everything will change.

When you smile at people, they will smile back. And I dare you to have people not participate in
whatever it is you want them to participate in. If you want people to sign the deal or  be your client
forever, learn to smile while you talk. Your spouse, your kids, your neighbors, everybody will react
to you differently when you smile as you talk.

Happiness is a choice, and you are making that choice today. The bubbling laughter in
your soul is an expression of enthusiasm, the fuel that moves the world. Your smile is the most
potent weapon you have. Always remember to be the possessor of a grateful spirit, and to share
that gratefulness liberally!  

Today, you will choose to be happy!
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