...Taking Responsibility for Your Choices

    I have a decided heart.
           My destiny is assured.

More people fail at what they do because of an undecided heart than for any other reason.
decided heart has nothing to do with action or persistence. It’s the process of making
a decision and our conduct after that decision is made.
We all know people in the
process of making a decision who never get out of the process!
They ask friend’s opinions about decisions. Then they have a decision and all those opinions
about the decision to consider.  The snowball gets bigger and the analysis more detailed until
they make a decision to start analyzing their decision. They are wrapped in a constant state of
analysis, never understanding that the purpose of analysis is to come to a conclusion!  

Successful people make their decisions
quickly, and they change their minds slowly.
Unsuccessful people, however, make their
decision slowly and they change their mind

Most of the time you won’t have all the facts you
need about a given situation to give you a
complete picture, but you will have all the facts
you need to make a decision.

You don’t have the ability to make right decisions
every time, but you’ve got the ability to make a
decision and then make it right. This is why some
people rise to the top… they’re willing to make a

People who make a decision and then make it right are the people we admire in our society.
When you commit yourself to the fulfillment of the destiny you have chosen, people will follow you
everywhere, seeking your wisdom and advice. Challenges that you previously thought were
mountains in your life will melt at your feet, because you have a decided heart. Your destiny will
be assured.

    Success at any level and in any arena is a struggle. So, think big! If
    what you’re working toward isn’t big enough, you’re going to be
    ambushed by bigger things. Remember:

    “If you’re hunting rabbits in tiger country, you
    have to keep your eyes peeled for the tigers.
    But if you’re hunting tigers, you can just ignore
    the rabbits!”

    As you embark upon your journey, the clamor from your personal
    peanut gallery of doubters will undoubtedly rise to a roar. The people
    whom you thought would be on your side will offer their opinions in such
    a way that it will be disconcerting if you are rabbit hunting.  If you worry
    about what other people think, you’ll have more confidence in their
    opinion than you have in your own.  

Your future does not depend on the opinion or the permission of other people. If you’re afraid of
criticism, you will die doing nothing.  When you strive for greatness, critics come out of the
woodwork. People feel threatened when their sense of the status quo and your place in it seems
disruptive to them.  

Fact:  There are some people in your life who are never, ever going to like you.

Fact:  There are some people who are never going to like anything you do.

A friend of mine, Scott Jeffrey, wrote a book called Journey to the
, in which he talks about people like Michael Jordan, Oprah
, Albert Einstein, and Tiger Woods. They are extraordinary
people who’ve defined life on their own terms. They have a developed air
of excitement that causes them to take action when everyone else says it
can’t be done. It’s a mentality we can cultivate within ourselves, a burning
desire, a relentless determination, when the odds are stacked against us.
That passion breeds conviction, turning mediocrity into excellence in all we
do. Passion will cause other people to join us. With passion, we become
unstoppable. People will see their future in our eyes.

When confronted by a challenge, the decided heart will search for
a solution…an undecided heart searches for an escape.

Your heart does not need to wait for conditions to be exactly right, because conditions are never
exactly right! To be indecisive is to deny who you are.
You have a decided heart and your
destiny is assured!
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